Paint Protection Film Aftercare & Warranties

Now we have spent hours & days getting your vehicle exactly how you wanted it, its your time to shine ensuring it looks like this for years to come. Naturally, the products we’ve fitted to your car offer you fantastic protection and easy aftercare in terms of maintenance, however there are specifics you need to know, moving forwards.

Below you can find specific answers to questions our customers could have and advice on how to look after your investment best.

Questions after install.

We highly recommend you wash your vehicle 14 days after your install. This is to ensure the film has settled correctly and no edges are damaged while the film is still drying. Good News! Your first wash is on us!

During the short period the film is curing, you may notice some bubbles or slight haze in the film. Not to worry, as this is the moisture evaporating through the film. Please do not touch these areas as this could stop the film from curing correctly through the pores in the film.

We strongly recommend PH neutral or PPF specific shampoos to maintain your vehicles PPF. Wax based shampoo’s will change the hydrophobic properties of the film.

Gyeon PPF Wash is the perfect solution for washing & decontaminating your ppf.

If you have bug splatter or bird lime, we strongly advise this is cleaned off correctly at the earliest convenience as this could etch the self-healing clear coat, this can be done using a jet wash, spray bottle or hose pipe. With bird lime allow to soak before contact.

Surface scratches, washing marks and environmental defects will selfheal over a period of time. If you wish to accelerate this process, you can use hot water (although not boiling) pouring over the area which will allow the top coat to selfheal and self-level.

Remember, different times of the year will massively affect the self healing capabilities of the film and the time needed for it to self heal.

Xpel warranty both Xpel Ultimate Plus & Xpel Stealth Paint Films for 10 years. CleanDetail offer to ensure the fitment of the film is to the customers standards and we will work on our behalf to sort any issues you find. As part of this warranty, it is your responsibility to ensure the film is not abused in any way and that the aftercare is as per CleanDetail & Xpel’s guidelines.

Xpel Warranty can be found HERE

Of course! As part of any PPF service we offer a free wash to ensure its doing what it should and that no edges have lifted.

As part of this, you’re welcome to join us as part of this process as we wash & explain the processes.

Give us a call on 01302 354798 to get your free wash booked in!