Paint Protection Film (PPF) Yorkshire

CleanDetail are Yorkshire’s PPF Experts, as part of our business not only do we fit paint film for our self, through our sister company we also fit for a large amount of detailing company’s in the Uk.

WrapGuard UK is also the official Gyeon Training & Support partner for the UK & ROI which means you know you’re in safe hands, as we’re setting the standard.

Based at our South Yorkshire studio, in Doncaster we supply, produce & install our patterns in house meaning we have a matter understanding of designs and the way the film can be hidden on your vehicle, giving the invisible finish we aim to achieve.

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

CleanDetail’s Paint Protection Film choice is Gyeon PPF based on our Experience & understanding of the PPF market.

Paint Protection Film, also know as PPF, is a polyurethane clear coated film which is available in either clear or opaque (Gyeon Matte PPF). Once applied the finish is near invisible with only some edges on show if required by the complexity of your vehicle.

Its sole purpose is to be a sacrificial layer against stone chips, however we also have found it can significantly improve your vehicles finish too, leaving you with out swirl marks & defects you’d expect over the period of your ownership.

What makes Gyeon Paint Protection unique is its advanced clear coat. This clear coat is self healing against wash defects, swirl marks & bird lime as well as being highly hydrophobic. Simply apply heat or leave your vehicle in the sun, to heal these defects from your films surfaces. However, its important to stress, PPF does not heal against stone chips.

Conventional & earlier paint protection films can show damage and yellowing after even a year of daily use. This is not the case with Gyeon which offers an infinite warranty!

Now, hear is the fun part. Because Gyeon Paint Protection Film is available in Gloss, Matte & Black, you can fully wrap a gloss car with a matt film to turn its original colour matte. We’ve done this on many occasions, even wrapping our own white BMW M3 in Gyeon Matte (matte Film) Paint Film to transform the appearance of the vehicle but also offering the protection you require.

Gloss Or Matte Paint Protection Film?

Gloss Paint Protection Film

Gyeon Protect+  Gloss Self healing Paint Protection Film (PPF) which is fitted to every panel on our customers Porsche GT3 Touring pictured above. 

This can be fitted to painted surfaces, carbon, headlights, & non textured but lacquered trim panels. We would of course, if carrying out a full wrap, choose to wrap any matte parts in matte film unless otherwise requested.

Ideal Choice to keep your finish OEM & protect your vehicles future value.

Matte Paint Protection Film

Gyeon Matte PPF Self Healing Opaque Paint Protection Film (PPF) originally deigned to protect the finish on matte painted vehicles which are notoriously difficult to maintain.

Gyeon Matte, for matte or opaque finish wraps does not require matte specific surface care. Meaning you really can enjoy using the car as well as taking in that finish.

Can be used on Matte painted vehicles to keep the OEM finish or can turn gloss parts matte while maintaining the vehicle’s original colour. The Porsche GT3 above is a gloss painted car fitted with Gyeon Matte to all Painted surfaces.

Ideal choice for OEM Matte or to transform your vehicles finish.

Choose You're Coverage...

Now you know about paint protection film, its time to choose which option suits your car & your budget the best. We have put together our most popular & cost effective options for you to choose from. Not forgetting the ability to pick any part you would like as part of our custom Paint Protection Film package.

Our Most Popular Options

Full Front End Package

This Includes Full Front Bumper, Full Front Wings, Full Bonnet, Mirror Caps & optional headlights.

From £1300+VAT

Full Front End Extended

This Includes Full Front Bumper, Full Front Wings, Full Bonnet, Mirror Caps, optional headlights, A Pillars, Leading Edge Of Roof, Lower Rear Sills & Leading edge of rear bumper/wheel arch

From £1550+VAT

Full PPF Coverage

This includes all painted surfaces, carbon, non textured plastics. Price is subject to vehicle and templates available.

From £3000+VAT

Our Most Cost Effective Options

U.S Standard Coverage

This Includes Full Front Bumper, Part Wings, Part Bonnet, Mirror Caps & Optional Headlights

From £750+VAT

Bonnet & Bumper Only

This Includes Full Front Bumper, Full Bonnet Only.

From £999+VAT

Custom Coverage

This includes all painted surfaces, carbon, non textured plastics. Price is subject to vehicle and templates available.

From £200+VAT

Some of our customers vehicles...