Gyeon Aftercare & Warranty

Maintenance is Key

The correct maintenance is crucial to how well your vehicle will look, in years to come.

No matter if done periodically ourselves or at home with Gyeon our maintenance products, the right routine will allow to keep gloss and great protection for years

Gyeon Ceramic coatings offer an amazing freedom which is something no other coating manufacture offers. The choice of warranty. For the same price you can opt for a 5 year warranty in which you maintain the car or lifetime infinite warranty where we maintain your vehicle with inspections every 2 years or 25,000 kilometres. 

At no extra cost, the choice is yours.

How do i maintain my Gyeon Coated Vehicle?

View Gyeon's Maintenance Booklet below:

What Does Gyeon Warranty Cover?

Gloss Retention
Protection Against UV Damage
Environmental Damage
Self Cleaning Properties
Water Repellence

If you wish to find out more information on after care or more information about Gyeon products themselves, please get in touch with out team today.