CleanDetail Training Services

Welcome to CleanDetail’s training academy. We are an approved training and assessment centre for the Professional Detailers & Valeters association here in the UK. We understand that regardless of whether you have a new or established business, improving the range and quality of services you offer needs to start with training. This should lead to progressive improvement, enhancing your company’s integrity.

Naturally, its important to be original with your business approach and to deliver high standards of service from your customers initial contact right through to completion of the work. It is important to be good at every aspect of business, from physical service you offer, to the marketing, advertising and corporate image you create. Here at CleanDetail we offer training on all of the above and more!


Our teaching method allows our clients to deliver professional competent services which are safe on all vehicles. Our way of teaching then allows our clients to teach themselves once they leave us in order to improve time and time again with, of course, the back up of technical support after leaving us.

What makes us different to other business’s offering training is, we are not a re-seller of products nor a manufacturer of products, which means the advice we give is honest and non-biased to subconsciously sell. The advice we offer in regards to products is solely on what we use as a business to achieve the best results while still been cost effective.

What Training is for you?

Car Valet Training

CleanDetail offer car valet training for company’s and individuals. We can teach the best practices, products and equipment you need to enable to deliver the best standard of finish as well as maximising profit margins. We can build bespoke training for car dealers, mobile valeters or hand car washes so we can be direct at teaching the best we can in the time frame given.

CleanDetail offer car valeting training for individuals and companies alike. We aim to teach the most cost effective methods which produce better than expected results, this way its win win for everyone involved. But its also important to us to teach methods which cause no damage to the vehicle in order to get a finish.

We build our bespoke courses for car dealers, mobile valets or hand car wash’s so we can deliver the required training to the client.

Detailing Training

CleanDetail also offer methodical detailing training for our clients. Our bespoke detailing course will teach all the basics and much more, going as advanced as our clients budget will allow in the time frame we have.

Our teaching method allows our clients to deliver professional competent  detailing services which are safe on all vehicles. Our way of teaching then allows our clients to teach themselves once they leave us in order to improve time and time again.

We offer two courses, intermediate & advanced. Our intermediate course is ideal or new businesses or valeting businesses wanting to venture into detailing with confidence. Our advanced course is for past pupils or businesses’ with vast experience wanting to gain more rotary and wet sanding training.

Dealership Training Schemes

In the past, CleanDetail have been involved with major dealership manufactures. This means we have the hands on experience to improve the skills of your dealerships preparation. Our clients such as JCT600 Audi in Sheffield benefit from a hands on training day with their valeting team to improve their skills & rectify technique mistakes which cause unhappy customers and damaged vehicles.

We work closely with the management team to identify any training which would be needed then tailor a course for your team, in order to deliver the best value for money training which in the long run, will actually save you time and give you happy customers. We aim to deal with the issues, educate then train to resolve any future issues.

Our Tutors

We have two main staff members who work with our students. We have Dean Murray who is head of training & our PPF business. We also have Nick who is the owner and approved assessor for the national association of detailers & Valeters in the UK.
Our team have been going since 2006 with over 30+ years of experience working on customers vehicles, so you can be rest assured you are getting the training, experience and business knowledge which shows evidence of it actually working. With previous experience in dealership management and vehicle preparation Nick & Dean know how important it is to deliver on time at a high standard.
Our Teams experience is what keeps CleanDetail delivering the above and beyond standard they have the reputation for. Already working within dealerships to deliver training and working with private clients to get their vehicles to a standard they only imagined.
Our Team have training & are certified by the leading manufacturers such as Gyeon, Xpel, Swissvax, Premium Shield & we are recognised as one of the UK assessment centres & training centres for the Professional Detailers & Valeters association