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Frequently asked questions

New vehicles very rearly leave the factory in the condition we’d like to think.

Our aim is to find the flaws and deliver the solution to ensure it looks better than new, then protect it using the products that meets your expectations and requirements. 

In a matter of speaking no. You could use PPF to stop the swirls in the paint, or Feynlab self healing coatings. But currently, ceramic coatings will significantly reduce the chances of defects, but not stop them indefinitely.

Yes of course. We think its a fantastic idea you come for a free consultation so we can understand what your expectations are and give you the information you need for an informed decision. 

Give us a call, message or email and our team would be more than happy to arrange this for you, free of charge.

Fantastic question and one you should always ask when approaching a detailing or PPF company. We are fully insured for over £2million worth of vehicles (or even single vehicle value) this is to ensure our customers vehicles are well looked after and every eventuality is covered.

We take a booking fee in order to process your booking, order stock specific for your vehicle and ensure our staff are in the right places to work on your vehicle. Unlike a deposit, this is non refundable. We do offer 1 date change should you need to with no less than 7 working days notice.

Unfortunately, you will always be able to find someone to do a level of work cheaper than what we do. But to compare the two is totally unfair as we know there is no one in Yorkshire you can compare us too. Firstly we have a close team of passionate, enthusiastic technicians who’s experience outweighs most of other companies in the uk.  We have invested tens of thousands into our workspace which gives us the best environment to deliver the service our clientele require.

And lastly we have invested into the products we use, all our staff are fully trained, approved and most importantly, insured to work on your vehicle with the products we apply.

So before you compare us, please give us a call and arrange a free consultation so you can meet the staff, see the premises and view our customers cars which we’ve completed.

When you arrive we will be greeted by a member of our team. Your booking will be confirmed and we will complete a walk around inspection on your vehicle while taking photos of anything specific we need to work on or any defects we notice prior to commencing work. You will then be updated during the whole process. If we find anything or have any concern you will be contacted immediately. We won’t carry out any thing on your vehicle without consent prior.

While carrying out the work on your vehicle we follow our step by step checklists which are stored to ensure each vehicle leaves exactly as it should. This is updated by our staff member as they work on your vehicle.

When your vehicle is almost ready, you will be contacted to arrange a collection date & time and we can discuss your future care regime to ensure you have all the correct products to ensure the vehicle is well looked after.

Yes we do! we have a walk in store with all the essential aftercare products to maintain your vehicles surfaces. 

We also stock a small amount of coatings too! 

We are a Gyeon & Feynlab Approved retail store.